Monday, October 25, 2010


Silence is a great power gate-keeper. Never finish another person's words. Let him or her finish or specify the implication.

The usual practice is to finish a person's sentence, or deny respect, or try to be easily accepted. Shun that practice.
If someone is showing respect, decline modestly, but never indulge in self -derogatory comments.
Smile, observe and let  the other people talk. Notice the paradigm shift in power and mystique simply by staring and nodding at a person. You can get them to talk 5 more sentences than they generally would.

The art of seduction lies in chasing the seducee, getting them hooked, addicted, and then left alone for them to follow you.

Always finish what you intended to say, or communicate.
In reacting to the other person, you are wasting time. Let the other person react.

Be silent !

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