Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The basis for friendships.

Any friendship or relationship that we have works to reflect our needs at that point of time. Then we stick with it for the rest of our miserable lives.
Either we see ourselves in a person, or would like to be identified as or with that person, and that causes the formation of any relationship.

Furthermore, any new relationship/friendship serves to identify our internal conflicts and demons. It is in effect - a projection of our subconscious mind. The fulfillment of a void via an external person is the basis of any friendship/relationship.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Silence is a great power gate-keeper. Never finish another person's words. Let him or her finish or specify the implication.

The usual practice is to finish a person's sentence, or deny respect, or try to be easily accepted. Shun that practice.
If someone is showing respect, decline modestly, but never indulge in self -derogatory comments.
Smile, observe and let  the other people talk. Notice the paradigm shift in power and mystique simply by staring and nodding at a person. You can get them to talk 5 more sentences than they generally would.

The art of seduction lies in chasing the seducee, getting them hooked, addicted, and then left alone for them to follow you.

Always finish what you intended to say, or communicate.
In reacting to the other person, you are wasting time. Let the other person react.

Be silent !

Friday, October 22, 2010

Are time and money co-related ?

There used to be a time when I traded my hours for money. I felt productive since I got good feedback from bosses & my increase in productivity co-related with more money for my hours.

I became an efficient slave.

Now, however, I am an efficient master.
I still maximise my productivity with minimum hours traded.
Now the question is...what is to become of these hours ?
Definitely not seinfeld or Mad Men is good since it gives a different perspective on life.

Now, the focus should be on 4th business, house, marriage, im/export & the " Book on Everything ".
Singing lessons would definitely help balance emotional frustration & SuryaNamaskar would help with a better sleep & create a daily routine thereby feeding a general feeling of betterment.

There should be no guilt attached to taking time off. As long as the mind steers the world without moving a muscle and cash flows , it is all good.

Focused catering marketing will aim to increase 15% sales thus maximizing profit.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Live in the present

The thoughts, actions and memories that make us who we are, are not very reliable. Feelings and emotions are subject to the present moment.
If we try and recollect a past emotion or memory, we can never quite recollect it. Maybe a momentary flash of the time gone past might have you shift your awareness to another time and space, but you are never really there.

So then, if it is non-tangible, non-existent, it really there ?

If it is not here, then how can it be used to identify you ?

Your awareness and your ideas and your actions are who you really are.

Take a deep breath. What do you feel with that gallon of breath in your lungs ?

I feel calm, restful, alert, strong and fully aware. THAT is who I am.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The pursuit of Happiness

The purrsuit of controlling the mind is futile.
The pursuit of freeing the mind and allowing it to flow in seamlessly is a fruitful endeavor.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Business in relationships

Relationships are like business.
How , and where do you conduct your business ?
Usually, you would conduct business at a place of your comfort, at a time of your comfort, with the people you trust and are comfortable with.
You would not work from 7 AM till 1 AM and then expect to continue working awesomely for the next 2 would you ? Similarly, you should not meet someone ( especially if it is just ONE person ) from 7 AM till 1 AM every day for 2 weeks.

Business is supposed to be conducted when one is feeling at their prime...not flatulent, not sleepy, and definitely not emotional. Every relationship is like conducting your personal business to increase the net worth of your respect, and the circle of your influence.

Silence does increase your mystery value....your P/E Ratio so as to speak, but more on that later.