Friday, October 22, 2010

Are time and money co-related ?

There used to be a time when I traded my hours for money. I felt productive since I got good feedback from bosses & my increase in productivity co-related with more money for my hours.

I became an efficient slave.

Now, however, I am an efficient master.
I still maximise my productivity with minimum hours traded.
Now the question is...what is to become of these hours ?
Definitely not seinfeld or Mad Men is good since it gives a different perspective on life.

Now, the focus should be on 4th business, house, marriage, im/export & the " Book on Everything ".
Singing lessons would definitely help balance emotional frustration & SuryaNamaskar would help with a better sleep & create a daily routine thereby feeding a general feeling of betterment.

There should be no guilt attached to taking time off. As long as the mind steers the world without moving a muscle and cash flows , it is all good.

Focused catering marketing will aim to increase 15% sales thus maximizing profit.

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