Monday, July 12, 2010

Code Of Business Conduct

Always conduct business at your place of comfort. A familiarity with the place/surrounding/people gives an upper hand in any business dealing.

Never hire dumb people. Nor only will they under-perform, neither will they let you climb up.

Always hire smart, good-looking people, and know what exactly you have hired them for. Allot a work ownership to those people, and make sure that they do their job. 99 cases out of 100, they will. Why? Because they are smart and they look good. They have a reputation to live up to.

Have your materials, inventory, and resources in place before you make promises. A promise not kept is a promise broken. A promise broken is customer lost, and that is something that should be kept under rigid control.

Turn liabilities into assets. Never let something which can make money, sit idle gathering dust.

Train your speech to be polite, firm and honest. Train your employees to be thus also.

Avoid selling land unless absolutely necessary. Land is something that has to be bought, not sold. Trading of land is acceptable.

Read, discuss and learn about corporate mergers, acquisitions, and historical monarchial imperialism.

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